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Life Events

Manage burials, cremations, pet burials, pet cremations, cemeteries, crematoria and more.



Life Events by Datawing is affordable and comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for Crematorium Management and Cemetery Management, with specialised modules for Human Cremations, Human Burials, Pet Cremations, Pet Burials and Pet Collections.

Built on 20 years experience delivering to the bereavement services industry, all your needs as a bereavement services manager are catered for. You will find all the following in our solution:

Diary booking process

Diary and resource management

Powerful diary and resource management facilities allow you to take bookings without risking over stretching your service. Life Event’s diary and resource management deskills the booking process to the point that you can trust new staff, funeral directors, or the public to book services that you can always fulfil.

  • Configure the resources to match your service exactly, including accounting for the number of cremators and grave diggers you have and patterns of availability so you can match your resources to opening times and peak demand.
  • Change the availability of resources at the click of a button to account for holidays or equipment outages.
  • Make bookings and move bookings with an elegant drag and drop interface.
  • View your bookings from several different viewpoints, including a day at a time, week at a time, month at a time and a consolidated view.

Crematorium and cremation management

Life Events cremation management allows you to manage all aspects of cremations, shared cremations and remains from away.

  • Take bookings for cremations, shared cremations, and memorial services.
  • Track collections and arrivals.
  • Configure booking options and preferences to tailor individual cremations to your customer’s.
  • Manage the arrival of cremated remains from elsewhere.
  • Manage the disposal of cremated remains, including witnessed scatterings, unwitnessed scatterings, interments, and removals.
  • Produce daily paperwork, including confirmation letters, cremator operator cards, daily lists, container labels and more.
Plot and Burial Right maintenance

Cemetery and burial management

Life Events cremation management allows you to manage all aspects of cemeteries and burials.

  • Take bookings for burials.
  • Manage plots, plot contracts, contract renewal and transfers.
  • Handle separate burial and memorial rights.
  • Track memorial information and produce permits to place grave memorials.
  • Manage grave maintenance agreements.
  • Manage exhumations, including bookings in your burial diary.
  • Configure options and preferences to tailor bookings to your customer’s needs.
  • Produce daily paperwork, including works orders for masons and grave diggers, daily lists, renewal letters and more.
Memorial ordering

Memorial management

  • Manage lease memorials, including wall plaques, niches, kerbs, benches, rose beds and more.
  • Perform plaque ordering and track progress, including plaque receipt, checking, placement and notifications to customers.
  • Manage memorial contracts and contract renewals, including renewal letters, reminders, terminations, and removal of plaques.

Ledger management

  • Maintain a physical or online book of remembrance.
  • Manage the ordering of entries in your physical book of remembrance, or replicas and miniature books with a calligrapher’s schedule. Perform ordering and track progress.
  • Maintain a donations ledger, including the production of thank you letters.

Financial management

  • Manage product lists, nominal codes, cost centres and VAT rates.
  • Automate complex fees and charges with user configurable decision logic.
  • Produce invoices and export finance to your corporate financial system, including Sage.
Document Editor

Customer management

  • Maintain a database of customers, funeral directors, and contractors, so you can track repeat business.
  • View customer events, plot contracts, memorial contracts, book of remembrance entries.
  • Send mailshots and emails to customers.
  • Comply with GDPR.

General facilities

  • Store documents and images against your events, plots or contracts.
  • Customise all your letters and email templates using our built-in word processor.
  • Configure the items in any lookup to suit your needs.
  • Manage multiple users and permissions.

Self-service facilities

  • With our genealogy search facility, allow customers to search your registers online and purchase access to digital entries, plot details and maps.
  • Allow customers to purchase leased memorials and book of remembrance online with our self-service interfaces for BOR and Leased Memorials.
  • Allow funeral directors to make bookings, reducing the burden on your staff.
  • Take, manage and track pet collection bookings with our beautifully crafted self-service interface for pet collections and pet cremations.
  • Allow customers to order grave memorial permits online.
  • Customise our self-service facilities to your website's styling.
  • Integrate our self-service facilities with Stripe.
  • Enable the support and help desk facilities to better manage your customer support requests.



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