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Life Events by Datawing is affordable and comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for Crematorium Management and Cemetery Management, with specialised modules for Human Cremations, Human Burials, Pet Cremations, Pet Burials and Pet Collections.

As well as our back office administation system, Life Events provides you with beautifully crafted public-facing self-service facilities enabling you to open up the booking of Pet Collections, Veterinary Account Management, Leased Memorial ordering and Book of Remembrance ordering to your customers.

Pet collections montage

Pet Collections

Our self-service interface for pet collection builds on Life Events' powerful diary and resource management facilities to allow your customers to book collections for their pets without risking over stretching your service.

  • Configure multiple facilities with different catchment areas.
  • Configure the kinds of services available at each facility, including Shared Pet Cremations, Individual Cremations or Burials.
  • Customers search for services using an interactive map which tells them what is available in there area. This also allows the system to geolocate the collection.
  • Customers choose which service they want and what type of animal they want collecting.
  • Your customers can add multiple pets to a single collection with different service preferences for each. Veternarial users can add different owner details for each pet.
  • Configure products and prices to match your fee structures.
  • Change the colors and styling to match your own website.
Collection pick up times

Vehicle tracking and Geo-location

Pet collections builds on Life Events comprehensive diary and resource management facilities to make sure your customers only book pet collections that you can deliver on.

  • Configure the system with your fleet of vehicles and assign vehicles to specific facilites.
  • The booking engine uses geo location information to estimate travel time between booking locations.
  • Customers are only offered times that are reachable in relation to the previous or next booking.
Collection options and summary

Collection options and consumables

  • Configure any number of options and consumables for your collections with images and detailed descriptions for each.
  • Finely tune which products are available for each type of service or animal.
  • Allow customers to enter additional instructions for certain options.

Checkout and payment

  • Allow checkout as guest or as a registered user.
  • Configure the system to use your Stripe account for a seemless checkout experience.


  • Once payment is made, customers who checked out as a guest are sent an email inviting them to create an account.
  • Send receipts from Stripe or invoices from Life Events.
  • Export finance to your corporate financial system, including Sage.
  • Feed booking information into other workflows.



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